What is a Dry January?

Dry January is a movement for anyone who drinks alcohol. Some people participate as a detox from excessive drinking that happens over the holidays. Others use the beginning of the new year to kick-start healthy habits and routines.

The immediate benefits from removing alcohol for 30 days range from having extra money to health benefits such as better sleep, clearer skin and fewer digestive problems.

How does one have a successful Dry January?

  1. Get an accountability partner
  2. Evaluate your social circle and set social boundaries
  3. Find healthy alternatives – non alcoholic cocktails 
  4. Journaling and self reflection
  5. Set goals and take it one day at a time

Some non-alcoholic drinks include;  Water, tea, coffee, and sparkling water.

Here are our tea reccommendations for Dry January:

If you are interested in taking on the “Dry January” challenge, get ready – set – GO!