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September 2022

No matter your position on current COVID-19 restrictions, it’s no debate that indoor and outdoor gardening continues to be a “COVID-safe” activity. According to, gardening is one of the healthiest activities you can do. Not only does gardening result in a beautiful yard and deliver fresh herbs and vegetables, but it can also be a healthy activity for your body and mind.

Below is a list of 10 reasons why gardening is the healthiest activity you can do:

  1. Getting outside and into the fresh air;
  2. It helps you control weight;
  3. It provides a great workout that feels more fun than work;
  4. Nourishes your spirit;
  5. Cuts your risk of heart disease;
  6. Supports slow climate change;
  7. Boosts your immune system;
  8. Increases hand coordination and strength;
  9. Sharpens your brain; and
  10. Gives you hope for the future

I hope you enjoy the September SimpliciTEA subscription box filled with all the tools you need for gardening. The Tea Experience Strawberry Flowering (Green) Tea excites your senses with a crisp taste of green tea and strawberry while you watch the tea unfurl into an exquisite lily-like flower.

The September SimpliciTEA box contains:

  • The Tea Experience Strawberry Flowering (Green) Tea;
  • Garden Gloves;
  • Mini Gardening Tool;
  • Honey Comb Shaped Teacup Coaster;
  • @Buzzyseeds Mint Leaf Grow Kit;
  • Honey Sticks; and
  • Mini Honey Dipper Stick

Order yours today! Get out and get some fresh air and happy gardening!


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