June has so many meanings to me…………

Iced Tea

Iced Tea

As I sit here, writing my VERY first Blog in June 2016, I think about all things June, and how the month of June has impacted me. My Dad passed away on June 2, 2006, I opened Lola’s Tea House (because of Dad!) and became a small business owner in June 2007, I changed my business model (I closed Lola’s Tea House in 2012) to a tea party catering business called The Tea Experience this June, and……….it’s National Iced Tea Month 🙂  So, I guess life changing ‘things’ seem to happen to me in June!

So, welcome to my Blog called The Tea Experience--the same name as my business and website (www.theteaexperienceny.com) . Like the month of June, this Blog will not only have an impact on me; but will hopefully have a positive impact on how you think about (loose leaf) tea, what you know about tea, and how you drink tea.

Welcome and happy reading !!


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