English-Style Tea ($35.00 per person)

  • Top Tier : Mini Dessert Assortment
  • Middle Tier: Plain Scone with Clotted Cream & Preserves
  • Bottom Tier: Finger Sandwiches of Your Choice (Goat cheese/pecans, Sweet Curry Chicken, Cucumber, or Egg salad) with Mixed greens salad and House Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Pot of Tea: (additional cost for premium or organic teas)-one-two flavors of your choice from our tea list

Moroccan Tea ($40.00 per person)

  • Top Tier: Mini Croissants
  • Middle Tier: Madeleines
  • Bottom Tier: Choice of: either Bstila (slice of chicken and almond pie), slice of quiche lorraine, or (4) mini Brioutes (cigar-like pastries filled with goat cheese) with carrot salad
  • Pot of Moroccan Mint Tea-suggested (extra for Premium Tea choice)

French Tea ($40.00 per person)

  • Top Tier: Mini Croissants
  • Middle Tier: Madeleines or almond cookie
  • Bottom Tier: Choice of Pear/Gorgonzola Cheese on Fruit Bread, Tea Sandwich, or slice of quiche lorraine with a mixed greens salad
  • Pot of Tea: (additional cost for premium or organic teas) one-two flavors of your choice from our tea list

Chinese Tea ($40.00 per person)

  • Top Tier: Fortune Cookies
  • Middle Tier: Ginger Scones with Clotted Cream and Preserves
  • Bottom Tier: Either (2) Chinese chicken (or veggie) Spring Rolls, or (2) Roast Pork (or Veggie) Buns with Asian-style salad
  • Pots of Chinese Green or Oolong Tea (extra for premium White or Organic Teas)

Suggested Extras:

  • Coffee service for (8-10) adults: $25
  • Platter of Assorted Cookies: $30
  • We will not assume any liability for cakes brought in from outside stores/vendors.
  • Please call for custom party packages or inquire about our “Exclusive” Tea Service.
  • Ask about hosting other events (Committee meetings, Sorority meetings, Board meetings, etc.) at either a partner venue or the venue of your choice!!


  • The Tea Experience is available to host your tea party at your home, at one of our partnered venues, or at an off-site location of your choice.
  • There is are additional fees incurred for parties held at an off-site location (venue rental fee, hourly wait staff ($20 per hour per staff), 20-25% for delivery charges, and the use of serve ware (if requested).
  • We can comfortably host 10-60 guests at selected partner venues.
  • Tea Parties lasts 3 (1 hour to set up and clean up) hours long.  You can extend the time for an additional $15.00 per person per 30 minutes.
  • If requested, we will not serve any nut products at a party.  We may be able to accommodate other dietary restrictions, but they must be disclosed one week in advance of the party and may incur additional fees.


  • 50% Deposit is required to reserve the party date.
  • The number of guests must be confirmed 5 days prior to the party.  No changes can be made after that date.
  • 25% (of party total cost) cancellation fee will be incurred for parties canceled “last minute” (2 days before the party date).
  • Depending on the venue, outside food (of any kind) may not be brought to the party.
  • Applicable sales tax and a 20% gratuity will automatically be added to the total cost of your party
  • If you have a food allergy, please speak to the owner, chef, manager, or your server.

If you have any questions or want to book a tea party, please call us at 914.772.0126 or contact us below:

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