SimpliciTEA Box of the Month

May 2020

May………. Even in the midst of the novel Corornavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we celebrate and lift our tea cups to Mothers (or women who are mother-like figures in our lives) this month.

And although we must maintain physical distance, we must make every effort to maintain social closeness and connection with family, loved ones, and friends—especially Mom! Luckily you can either send or receive a SimpliciTEA continue to box (or monthly subscription) so Mom can enjoy the simple pleasure of tea in her home!

So please enjoy the #tea experience of the #May #SimpliciTEA #subscriptionbox that’s filled with all things we hope will make Mom happy. Our #Chocolate #Candy #Tea is a black tea blended with cocoa nibs, chicory, and blue cornflowers. It smells and tastes yummy J

The May SimpliciTEA box contains:

  • 2 oz. can of Chocolate Candy Tea;
  • A Heart-Shaped Tea Infuser;
  • A  Mother’s Day themed Cookie;  
  • Champagne and Roses Lollipop;
  • A Key Chain; and
  • A Scrolled Message to Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!