July Box of the Month

Need a hostess gift for the next BBQ you’re invited to? Or maybe want to try a new iced tea?

Then, this #SimpliciTEA box fits the bill!

Please enjoy the #tea experience of the #July #SimpliciTEA #subscription box that’s filled with all things Red, White, and Blue. The #White #Peony #tea is high in antioxidants and has good character with woodsy notes. This tea has a light and crisp taste. Great as an iced tea! 

The July SimpliciTEA box contains:

  • Pai Mu Tan (White) Chinese Tea;
  • Red/White/Blue Reusable Star-Shaped Iced Cubes;
  • A Bandana;
  • White Tea and Ginger Linen Spray; and
  • A Sugar Pop Rock Candy Pop

Order yours today! Happy Holiday!


Iced Tea Box

It’s cool, refreshing, good for you, and so popular that an entire month has been set aside to celebrate…iced tea season is here.

“It’s tasty, refreshing, has zero calories and is chock full of health benefits–so it’s a terrific beverage choice. With a multitude of research suggesting that the substances in tea may help the body maintain healthy cells and tissues, contribute to heart health and keep your weight in check, why would anyone choose to drink anything else…” says Joe Simrany, President of the Tea Council of the USA.

When you home brew your iced tea you can customize it to your particular preference—some like it sweet, others unsweetened, some prefer fruit infusions like blood oranges or summer peaches, others prefer just a simple lemon wedge or sprig of mint as a garnish.

Sweet tea is made in southern states, in Thailand, it is called cha yen, and in Austria the refreshing drink is called “ice” tea, rather than “iced” tea. No matter what you call it, iced tea is a satisfying and refreshing beverage enjoyed the world over.
So, enjoy the simple pleasure of #iced #tea during these summer months with our Iced Tea Sampler Box. Three different teas-all with distinct flavors to try.

Iced Tea Sampler SimpliciTEA Box contains:

  • 3 (1oz) cans of: Wolfberry Melon (Herbal), Blue Eyes Tisane (Herbal), and Tropical Breeze (Black Flavored)Teas;
  • A Tea Infuser;
  • A Reusable Straw;
  • Garrett’s Popcorn; and
  • An Instructional for Cold and Hot Brewing Iced Tea

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SimpliciTEA Box of the Month

November 2020

November is here already!? The autumn and fall season are in full effect and the holiday season has arrived. Daylight savings time! Thanksgiving! Black Friday! Have you started your Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa gift shopping yet? Looking for a unique hostess gift? Consider a SimpliciTEA box!!

Enjoy the tea experience of the November SimpliciTEA box that’s filled with all things warm, cozy, and holiday-ish. Our famous Chaucer’s Cup tea is an herbal tea blended with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves--reminiscent of mulled cider. Light the TeaLight and create a warm and cozy environment while sipping your Chaucer’s Cup.

The November SimpliciTEA box contains:

  • 1 - 2 oz. can of The Tea Experience Organic Chaucer’s Cup Tea;
  • 1 - pack Sweet & Spicy Nuts and Seeds made by @cabs1030xo;
  • 1 - pair of Fall/Autumn-themed earrings made by @a_yarn_apart;
  • 1 - tea light holder;
  • 1 – fall-themed tea towel

Order yours today!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 


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