Looking for a unique gift for someone new to drinking tea? Or maybe you just want to sample the classic 4 types of tea without committing to large quantities? Then consider the SimpliciTEA Starter Box!

The¬†SimpliciTEA Starter Box is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, or simply for someone in your life.

The Starter Box contains:

  • 4 (1oz) cans of tea: Black (Assam), White (Chinese Pai MuTan), Green (Chinese Green), and Oolong (Chinese Ti Kwan Yin)
  • A Tea Infuser
  • A TEAspoon
  • Honey Spoons
  • A treat that compliments the teas
  • Steeping guidelines and tasting notes

You will WOW any tea drinker-even the non tea lovers with the SimpliciTEA Starter Box.