Looking for a unique gift for someone new to drinking tea? Or maybe you just want to sample the classic 4 types of tea without committing to large quantities? Then consider the SimpliciTEA Starter Box!

The SimpliciTEA Starter Box is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, or simply for someone in your life.

The Starter Box contains:

  • 4 (1oz) cans of tea: Black (Assam), White (Chinese Pai MuTan), Green (Chinese Green), and Oolong (Chinese Ti Kwan Yin)
  • A Tea Infuser
  • A TEAspoon
  • Artisan Sugars
  • A treat that compliments the teas
  • Steeping guidelines and tasting notes

You will WOW any tea drinker-even the non tea lovers with the SimpliciTEA Starter Box.