Since this is the new year, I thought it best to start a “Tea 101′ series of articles. This first article, entitled, “What is Tea?” This article gives you a brief understanding of tea, the various tea types, and how it is grown and processed.

Tea comes in more varieties than you may imagine. However, based on the way the leaves are processed (called oxidization), determines what type of tea it becomes. Teas are divided into four basic types: black, green, oolong and white.

All 4 tea types come from the same plant (camellia sinensis)-one tea leaf produces the 4 tea types! When brewed, each color leaf creates a different tea.
Most imported teas come from China, India, Africa, Indonesia, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Argentina, and Tanzania.

For those who may be wondering, herbal teas are often called “tisanes” or “infusions” by purists. Herbal teas do not contain any camellia sinensis leaves and technically should not be called tea. Herbals consist of flowers, roots and herbs steeped in hot water. Blue Eyes and Toasty Almond are just two of the many herbal teas available at The Tea Experience.

So, I hope this first article helps you better understand tea, how it’s grown, and the 4 types for your drinking enjoyment. The Tea Experience has over 30 teas-in all 4 types.

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The next article will discuss The History of Tea. In the meantime, enjoy the simple pleasure of tea!!!

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Leslie Allicks
The Tea Experience